“Part satire, part whimsy, Rare Movements is like Calvino’s Invisible Cities applied to the art world: inventive, self-contained synopses of various ways to resist tradition.”

—Anthony Doerr

“The forms are beautifully complex as well as the literary analysis of the various movements…an inventive, collaborative exploration of the concept of ‘freedom’ as it applies to the creative process.”

—James G. Davis



“Ending with a Rupture of the Hypothesis” and “Thought Obliquely Thought” Conduit 19

“Hill Enclave” & “Against a Backdrop”  Poetry Salzburg Review 2007

“Forms” Indefinite Space 2007

“Nature Walk”  Jones Av. 2007

“The Routine,” “Because the World is Unfit” & “The Over-Tightening”  Exquisite Corpse 2002